The Nurses’ Guide to Real Food

Paleocare: The Nurses’ Guide to Real Foodnurse_plate

Learn how to love your food and nourish your body in this 12 lesson, self-paced online course.

  • Are you interested in trying “The Paleo Diet” but feel overwhelmed with the concepts behind it?

  • Have you been eating Real Food for a while, but still struggle with tweaking it to fit into your lifestyle?

  • Are you looking for a convenient way to further your nutrition education that is truthful and supported by science?

Whether you are just learning about how to survive without processed food, or you have been using a Paleo diet for several years, this class is for you!

Lessons include everything you need to help you understand how the body works and thrives on a Real Food template.  Learn from two experienced RN’s/Nutritional Therapists who walk the talk and will give you all of the guidance and education you need to reach your goals.

Course materials include easy-to-follow notes in PDF files, MP3 audio instruction to accompany the notes, and access to a private forum for class members. The textbook for the course is the NYT Bestselling book Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo (purchase separately).

This is not just another Paleo “how-to” course. The Nurses’ Guide to Real Food will deepen your understanding of nutrition and help you understand the “why’s” behind implementing a Real Food lifestyle.

The Nurses’ Guide to Real Food contains tips and tricks, as well as education about how the body works and uses nutrients to help it operate efficiently.  Learn how to use Real Food to optimize your unique needs and discover energy and vitality!

Instant download access includes the following:

  • 12 PDF files of easy-to-follow notes
  • 12 audio files in MP3 format to listen to at your convenience
  • Resources galore
  • Instant access to a private forum for those who have purchased the course. The forum is moderated by 2 RN/Nutritional Therapists who live the concepts they teach.

The Nurses’ Guide to Real Food will give you the nutrition education that you need to get the results you are looking for!

As RN’s who discovered the power of nutrition, we were both blown away by new and exciting concepts from our training as nutritionists. We are excited to bring this education to you! Our intention is to break free of the standard “Paleo” recommendations and use a more customized approach that will help you to meet your bio-individual needs.

Paleocare: The Nurses’ Guide to Real Food Course Content

Course Content
Lesson 1Intro to a Real Food/Paleo Lifestyle
Lesson 2Making Paleo a Part of Your Routine
Lesson 3Digestion: Getting to the Guts of It All
Lesson 4Blood Sugar: The Bittersweet Balance
Lesson 5Essential Fatty Acids: Fat Does Not Make You Fat, and Other Fat Facts
Lesson 6Minerals: Optimizing the Body's Spark Plugs
Lesson 7Hydration: The Key to an Efficient Body
Cardiovascular: How to Feed the Heart and Repair Circulation
Lesson 8Special Health Concerns: Unraveling the Consequences of Poor Nutrition
Lesson 9Paleo as a Template: Modifications to Suit Your Needs
Lesson 10Superfood Me: Getting the Most from Paleo Nutrition
Lesson 11Paleo Kids and Family: Paleo is Possible!
Lesson 12Beyond Food: Paleo as a Lifestyle

Invest in your health now and save endless amounts of time, money, and discomfort later. Make Paleocare: The Nurses’ Guide to Real Food a part of your healthcare education and discover the TRUTH about how to FEEL BETTER without relying on the modern medical system.

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